Which Oral-B replacement heads should I buy?

In this article I am looking at the available Oral-B replacement heads and explain their differences. Once you decided that you want to use an electric toothbrush to clean your teeth you have a lot of options. Electric toothbrushes are constantly evolving and the amount of various toothbrush heads can get a bit confusing at times.

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If you want to find out which Oral-B toothbrush head would suit you best, keep reading.

All Oral-B brush heads for daily use feature indicator bristles, that fade away with use to let you know when it is time to replace the head. This is to remind you that you should replace brush heads latest every three months. Earlier, if you see early wear of cause.

Removable color rings help you to tell the brush heads apart should you share the handle with your family.

They are all compatible with all of Oral-B newer rechargeable handles apart from the Oral-B pulsonic toothbrush.

Brush Heads for Daily Cleaning

Oral-B CrossAction

Oral-B CrossAction replacment brush headThis brush head is ideal for the daily cleaning mode of your Oral-B toothbrush. You may already be familiar with it because it is also the one that comes with most brush handles when you buy them.

The Oral-B CrossAction toothbrush head is small, round and consists of different colored bristles angled at 16 degrees so it can cover a lot of surface at a time. The angled bristles also effectively clean the space between your teeth while also gently sweeping your gum line. Compared to a manual toothbrush the correct use of this brush head removes a lot more plaque from the gum line area than you would ever manage with a manual toothbrush.

The small head makes it easy to reach tight spaces like the molar area. If you do not want to buy special heads for your kids, this one fits small mouths well.

The Oral-B CrossAction toothbrush head is compatible with all Oral-B rechargeable and battery handles apart from the Oral-B pulsonic handle.

Oral-B CrossAction replacement heads are available in packs of 1,2,3, or 5 brushes.

Oral-B Precision Clean

Oral-B PrecisionClean refill brush headAnother 3D action brush head intended for daily use is the Oral-B Precision Clean. The small, round brush head with it’s 3 color bristles covers a lot of tooth surface while reaching between your teeth and clean along the gum line at the same time. Oral-B claims, that it removes 5x more plaque along the gum line. That would mean it cleans this area better than the cross action head. If you have problems with your gums like bleeding or any periodontal disease this is a good choice.

It is easy to use, you just move it from tooth to tooth. In combination with the right handle it oscillates, rotates and pulsates.

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Oral-B FlossAction

Oral-B FlossAction replacement headThe Oral-B Floss Action brush head is oval shaped with regular straight bristles combined with 4 rubber flaps. This design helps to reach deeper between your teeth.

Although the name may indicate it, that using this head you no longer need to floss, even Oral-B states that this is not the case.

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Oral-B Deep Sweep

Oral-B DeepSweep brush headContrary to the brush heads above this is shaped more like the head of a manual toothbrush. It is also bigger than most. It has 3 zones. The top part moves and is intended to clean the back teeth that are sometimes hard to reach with other brushes. The main part of the brush has bristles in two lengths. The shorter ones are for the surface of your teeth, while the longer ones sweep between your teeth. It can be used on a daily basis.

Please notice that this brush head is not fully compatible with Oral-B Vitaly or the Oral-B Pro 500.

Oral-B Dual Clean

Oral-B DualClean refill brush headsThis brush head looks like a combination of the Precision Clean and a manual toothbrush head. It moves side to side, oscillates, and pulsates You can use it for your daily brushing if you have problems to reach some areas in your mouth but still want a thorough cleaning.

Careful if you own a Oral-B Vitaly and Pro 500, this brush is not fully compatible.

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Special Solution Oral-B Refill Brush Heads

These Oral-B replacement heads are not all meant for daily cleaning. They are solutions to certain oral problems. Some of them you should use in combination with another brush head that covers a wider area.

Pro White

Oral-B refills ProWhite brush headThe oval shaped Oral-B Pro White brush head has a rotating rubber cup in the middle and straight bristles along the edge. The rubber cup gently polishes teeth while the bristles reach between and sweep along the gum line.
Subscrition and bulk packs of Oral-B Pro White replacement heads are available.


Oral-B Ortho replacement brush headsAs the name already implies, this brush head is for someone with braces. It has a small, round head and if you look closely, you will notice that it has fewer bristles than the other heads. While it works great on your teeth with orthodontic wires and brackets, it is not ideal for cleaning all your other surfaces. So this could only be a brush head to use in addition to another head.

This brush head does not have indicator bristles.

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Oral-B PowerTip replacement headsLike the Ortho brush head, this one is round and also has fewer bristles. But they are grouped differently. This brush head can be used to clean around bridges, crowns, and other dental work. For a thorough brushing, you would want to use a second brush head for all your other teeth.


Oral-B Sensitive refill brush headFeaturing the softest bristles in the Oral-B brush head line, this head is for everyone with sensitive teeth or gums. The small, round head is designed to reach all teeth easily.

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