Long gone are the days when buying a new toothbrush was simple. Today there are many choices from manual to battery powered or rechargeable. A good electric toothbrush can improve oral health, while a bad one costs a lot of money and does not do what advertisements promise.

Two brands dominate the market for rechargeable toothbrushes for years, Oral-B and Philips. And that did not change in 2017. They both have a wide line of products from budget to luxury toothbrushes.

How to find the best electric toothbrush for you

The choice in electric toothbrushes can be a bit overwhelming. No question. So how do you find the best option for yourself or your family? And at an affordable price?

A good place to start – especially if you plan to buy your first powered toothbrush – is an overview of features with explanations. The electric toothbrush buyer’s guide is updated 2017 to include the latest developments. This will give you an idea which features you need and should pay for.

Furthermore, this will also save you a lot of money if you can cut all the bells and whistles the companies try to sell you. Believe me, most of it is just nice to have but not really necessary.

Maybe you already know which features your new electric toothbrush should have? Then, an easy to read table with the latest models is a great starting point:

Overview of Oral-B electric toothbrush models 2018
2018’s Philips Sonicare electric toothbrushes

Or do you have an oral health problem you want to take care of like bleeding gums or excessive plaque?

The best electric toothbrush is nothing without the right brush head. Find out which Oral-B brush heads are available or which brush head fits your Sonicare electric toothbrush.

Electric Toothbrush Reviews

Especially long-term electric toothbrush user complain about the declining quality. As a result finding out if the model you put your eyes on has some issue before you buy might be a good idea. For this reason, I wrote some electric toothbrush reviews of the most popular models.

You probably already know it, good oral care is not only about brushing your teeth. Dentists also recommend regular flossing and the use of mouthwash. A healthier diet can also contribute to fewer oral problems.

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